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Buy tickets ONLINE in STORES or at the GATE

Online advance pricing ends May 9th, physical locations May 14

General Admission | $0

General Admission to the event is now FREE! You don't need this ticket or anything. If you want to drink however, purchase one of the tickets below.

Single Day Wine | $18/25

Includes a souvenir wine glass and limitless sampling (21+) Sat. OR Sun. 1-6pm.

VIP Wine | $23/30

Avoid the lines and enjoy the festival an hour early (12pm). TICKETS LIMITED to 400.

The Unreasonably Large Beer Garden | $20/30

Taste your way through the rich history of Pennsylvania Beer, from the oldest breweries to the newest kid on the block Saturday from 6-9pm in our Unreasonably Large Beer Garden. Receive a souvenir pint glass and nearly unlimited samples of more than 60 plus hand-selected brews. Tickets VERY Limited.

The Unreasonably Large Beer Garden - VIP | $40 SOLD OUT

There are 10 of these only. Take a trip behind the curtain and help us make sure the taps are working. Also, make sure the bottles are working.

Designated Driver | $10

You don't have to pay to get in, but official Designated Drivers get free water or home-made soda all day and a limited edition t-shirt! Trust us, it will be worth it.

Group Rate >>

Group rates are available for friends, company picnics, organization functions, or any other reason. Group rates include $1 off every ticket for every 10 tickets you purchase up to 50 tickets. Just think, if you buy them ahead of time you could get in for half the gate price! Contact Matthew Davis for details.

Buy tickets ONLINE in STORES or at the GATE

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