Ticket Locations

Online Tickets on Sale March 7th at 9am

Most tickets are eligible for a $7 discount if you buy them before May 12th. Don't miss out!

Buy Online

If you prefer, there are various places to pick up your tickets in person! Once we get those out, you'll see those places below.

Collusion Tap WorksCash Only

Just get your butt in here and try all the beers. And then get tickets.

Lincolnway Flower ShopCash Only

Right outside of town. Grab some tickets and flowers for the wife -or- go online and grab a mother's day package and add some tickets on!

Golden Crust Pizza & Beer

Stop by for some really good pizza or any of the 250+ bottles or 40 craft beers on tap and pick up your tickets at the same time!

Directly From Us

You can also just shoot us an email if and we can meet up with you. You can find Matthew at the Holy Hound in York all the time.