About Taste of PA

CrocodileDog Marketing invites you to our “Let’s Drink But Be As Safe As We Can” edition of Taste of Pennsylvania in our new location in the grassy and tree-filled fields of the York Memorial Park Complex. Big ol’ wide open space with 12 wineries, food trucks, vendors and plenty of room to spread out.

You don’t need a mask

We are dropping the mask requirement. Functionally, there is no way we can ask people to present proof of vaccination and asking everyone to wear a mask outside at this point seems absurd. If you are unvaccinated, consider wearing your mask while in line.

But don’t be a wanker about it

RESPECT THE MASK. There are many reasons someone might wear a mask and they don’t need to hear your stupid opinion about why they shouldn’t be wearing a mask. Give them space, don’t try to hug them or roll up inside their bubble at a winery. Just…be cool.

show up whenever now

The event is now 12-6 with no break. All tickets are good for the entire time. We will still limit the maximum gathering to minimize crowding at wineries who will now be allowed to choose their method of service.

and please bear with us

We designed a festival with social distancing and masks and gathering sizes in mind and the CDC rules have changed a few times on us. We are going to try and elevate the event as much as we can but there are just some things you can't change 2 weeks out. We hope the new location provides some added value and we look forward to a full blown TOP 2022. Until then, perhaps we will find a way to send a special thank you to everyone who joined us for TOP.

Some Things to Know

  • Arrive 30 minutes before your session. It is our goal to get IDs checked and everyone banded before their wave starts. We don’t want you to lose a minute.
  • Print your ticket. We don’t want to have to touch your phone to scan it in the sunlight.
  • You can bring anything you want, other than sickness and alcohol. Maybe some light lawn chairs to create a base camp under a tree? Some snacks, perhaps? Limited seating will be provided.
  • Please limit your time at the winery. Get your samples, buy your bottle/cup, ask a quick question. Move away from the winery into the open spaces as often and quickly as you can to allow others to approach the winery. You can always go back.
  • No dogs
  • No children unless they are in a stroller or in your arms.

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